The best way to get back on track with goals is to take a minute and do a reset. This post will help you tap back into your reason why, deal with setbacks and become more balanced in your goal setting. It will guide you with the motivation and the practical tips of how to do it.

Let me guess, the goals you set in January 2022 are not happening. That’s why you are reading this. Was it your fitness goals? I understand completely.

I am only able to write this blog post because it is something I have personal experience of. So let’s first dive into the motivation to get back on track.

Pic of typewriter, on the paper it says goals. The purpose is to get back on track with goals

Get back on track with motivation

Motivation to get back on track with your 2022 goals is possible! It is key. Some argue it is just a matter of favorable circumstances, you don’t need motivation…but I argue…are not the favorable circumstances providing motivation? Here are some ‘get back on track quotes’ to start us off..

A stumble on the road doesn’t need to end the journey.

When your why is big enough, you will find your how.

Tap into your reason why

Your reason why is your purpose, your meaning. It is what I call heart motivation.

Let’s use those 2022 fitness goals as an example, what do you really want to achieve? Do you want to be identified as a fit, healthy person? Why? What’s your reason? Dig deeper here..

Is it because you want to be accepted and liked by your peers? Or is it because you truly value your body and want to care for it in the best way? These are the questions we need to find our true heart motivation.

Accept personal responsibility

Your personal responsibility is about ownership, duty, and capability. It’s what I call head motivation.

Right let’s look at those fitness goals. Whose job is it to care for that body of yours? Is it your husband’s/friend’s/parent’s fault for giving you yet another box of chocolates on a Friday night?

If there is blame there, why? What do you need to take back the power and say ‘I’m capable and responsible to make a different choice? These are the questions we need to find our head motivation.

How to plan to be motivated

Planning to be motivated is about drive, desire and pleasure. It’s what I call gut motivation.

Maybe you just don’t want to exercise, or eat vegetables. Does eating this chocolate leave me feeling good? What did I enjoy about it? Now try eat an apple, how does that feel? Tap into what the body is saying.

Basically the question can you turn this into something you want to do? Plan ahead! Would a buddy help? What about paying for a course? These are questions to find our gut motivation.

Get Back on Track after setbacks

The simplest and easiest way that I can say this is with an illustration..

If you slip and fall as you walk on the street, do you decide that you are a failure at walking?

Picture of lady who has fallen over in the snow. The idea is that she will not stay down but will get back on track very quickly.

Goodness, I hope you don’t!

Setbacks happen!! Even olympic champions fall over sometimes. Instead of looking at what happens as an overall [I’m a failure, it doesn’t work for me], try instead to learn to look at the detail, and tweak [It was too much for me doing a 3 hour run, I’ll break it up and do a few shorter runs instead]

How To Do a Reset

So now you need those get back on track tips. Practical guidance to help you on to a happy 2022. Here we go..

Work around your tendencies

After going through the motivations above it might have led to realizing some natural tendencies..what is really behind you not achieving those goals?

Goals often don’t happen by magic, so tap into your personal tendencies and work around them.

Instead of beating yourself up for not going for your evening run AGAIN, think why it doesn’t work, is it because of feeling overwhelmed, pressured, or lazy? Tap into you and decide what you need to get you going.

Move the goal post

This is simple, go for small goals and build. For example – ‘I’m going to run everyday starting this month.’

Even as I write that I’m like ..’phew that’s a lot’.

Instead try – ‘I’m going to run two days this week.’

That’s easier right, when you have done that, set a new goal for next week.

Get back on track in a balanced way

Now you have some tools to put together a personal plan. A new plan for those 2022 goals. One last thing..Be Balanced!

A year can fly by very quickly, so don’t panic, do your best and be happy and content with that. Life is meant to be enjoyed.

I hope you have lots of fun with your journey to get back on track with your 2022 goals.

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