I’m a bit late this month sharing my August Bujo Setup… but… I was in PARIS!!!! So I forgive myself, I hope you can forgive me too. This month’s theme does not need too much explanation; I had done a travel theme for July because we set off for our trip in July. Our trip included parts of England, then on to Paris, then we spent a few days in Belgium. I had seen Paris themed bujo setups before and really felt that I wanted to do the whole of August on this theme. Side note..if you ever get the opportunity, please go to Paris, it’s beautiful!

I wanted the spreads to be authentic and truly represent what I saw and experienced in Paris, but I did gather quite a bit of inspiration from Pinterest too. As you can see above, my cover page was the Eiffel Tower. I do not know why, but I expected to be underwhelmed when I saw the real thing, but the opposite happened, I was truly blown away. It is stunning!

Next, my calendar page! One thing I really appreciated in Paris were all the ornate street signs and lamp posts. They were beautiful. Also, the ornate tables and chairs, perched outside beautiful little cafes and bars. Here I drew the street sign with the month name and then in the bottom right corner that little table with a bottle and glass of wine. The wine in France is famous and I really enjoyed evenings in Paris having a glass of wine outdoors. (Why do I feel this is becoming more of a travel blog than a bujo blog? LOL)

This page is my ‘word a day’ spread. I like to look back on these pages to see what one word represented each day over the whole month. Here I drew a little poodle, and a speech bubble saying ‘oh la la’. Just for the record, I did actually see poodles in Paris so this is an authentic represent! I decided not to title the page, I know that this is my ‘word a day’ spread, so I felt like the Parisian doodles could fill the space.

This is the right side of the same double page spread. It is titled ‘about the day’, but in reality it is like my mood tracker. I have written out lots of feelings with a code for each one, then each day, I will write in which feelings I had experienced throughout the day. Honestly I prefer last month’s version of this, so will probably go back to that one next time. You can see it in my July Bujo Setup post. I enjoyed doodling the french bread sticks. They are so quintessential of France.

This is my trackers page. It is like a typical Parisian patisserie, beautiful canopies and beautiful signs. I have kept my trackers the same style as last month. It mainly keeps me on track with my self-care, with home cleaning, and with productivity. The croissants are conveniently divided into five sections for: self-care, home-care, productivity, intention, and hoover&dishes. I hope it gets nicely completed by the end of the month.

Finally, I wanted to share my week thirty three spread, because no Paris theme is complete without some macarons. They were presented so beautifully in shop window displays. It was beautiful to walk around and see them. Unfortunately, being a vegan, I wasn’t partaking in eating them, which is actually probably a good thing. Otherwise, they would have been tempting. But I just found them beautiful to look at.

Well, I hope you found some inspiration in this Paris theme, I have to say it was fun to create. It’s back to normal life now, so hopefully, I will be keeping up with more regular posts. Until next time! Thanks for stopping by!