Hi again Bujoplanner friends. It’s time for my August bujo setup. First of all, a little apology – I am late with this post🥺. I am sorry, time seems to be flying by for me at the moment. The crazy thing is that my monthly set up was finished long ago, I just forgot about making the post. Ok, now let’s talk about the elephant in the room. As you have probably seen very quickly…I put the wrong number on my cover page. I messed up, what can I say. So, can I just ask that you pretend that you are seeing an ‘8’ in that box please?

I decided to do a jellyfish theme for this month. But, I went with a different style. Instead of doing a doodle and colouring it in, I did a coloured pattern and did a drawing style for the art. I really like it, let me know what you think. For the colours I went with bluey grey colours and a wavy pattern and I really like the overall underwater, sea effect. Now for the calendar:

One of the issues with forgetting to make this post was that I was already using the spreads so you will see some smudging of my personal information. Just in case anyone is interested in my holiday…it’s a staycation. We are following the guidance not to travel at this time. Anyway, about the spread…I went with a one page calendar spread this month. I do have to turn it to the side to write in it, but it is working fine with me. Again with the wrong month number 🤦‍♀️. Now for my goals page:

For my goals page I divided the page into two halves. The top half is for listing tasks that I want to accomplish for the month, I give each task a number. Then the bottom half is divided into the week numbers that are in the month. Then I write the task number into the week I will be working on the task. This week I will be doing task number 5 – which is to sort out my social media schedule and content. It’s what I will be working on when I finish this post. Now for my habits page:

I’ve really tried to simplify my spreads and focus on what I really need, so I have cut my habits page down considerably. The first three are rotating schedules I have for self-care, and the fourth one is a specific habit I am working on. That’s it, I really don’t feel the need to track things that I’m not specifically focused on at this present time. Some people track things just for the sake of filling out trackers, which is fantastic if that’s what you want to do but at the moment, I am trying to make all things in my life more simple and focused. Speaking of that..here is my focus page:

For those that don’t know, my focus page is where I take a focus word for the month and each day I write about that thing, either a quote, verse, truth or experience connected with that word. This month is ‘progress’, and I’m very excited to share with you why that is. I did some research about the qualities or facts about jellyfish and one thing I learned about them is their incredible propulsion system that keeps them moving. This was inspirational and therefore to connect with the jellyfish, I made ‘progress’ my focus word. It’s such a good thing to focus on, and helps a tonne for any perfectionists out there. Lastly my reflections page:

This is for the end of the month, where I will write my successes, things I want to improve and things that I’ve learned throughout the month. I haven’t put any art on this page at all, it’s just a simple page before going into the next month.

That’s all my spreads for this month. I enjoyed making them and feel inspired to use them each day, I hope your planners are doing the same for you. I hope this month sees you making ‘progress’ in the direction of your true intentions and I wish you a fabulous month. Happy planning! 👋