How did your March go? I’m guessing a bit strange. These certainly are strange times. I have done a post about bullet journaling and coronavirus if you fancy reading that…..

But for now let’s take a look at the setup for my April bujo. I can’t believe I am managing to post this before the month is starting, whoa!! Go me, lol! I’m very excited to show April’s setup because it is quite different from previous setups. There are a lot of changes to my spreads and my planning techniques. But as you can see above, I still have a cover page. The theme is clouds and raindrops. The raindrops are in a linear style which is my geometric pattern element to my spreads for this month. The theme is very fitting for where I am in Ireland. I know April showers are a thing, but in Ireland, I feel that could apply for any month. Anyway, it was a very wet winter and I am hoping we get to have some sunny days, so spend in our small back garden, even if we can’t go out and about.

Here you can see my calendar page. Each day is a 5×5 square box, with a rain drop for the date to be written in. As you can see, I’ve used a palette of bluey greys, one of the colours is more of a greeny grey though. I filled in the unused boxes with a light grey colour, so that I can clearly see the month at a glance. The purpose of this spread is to write down events. I am working from home, so I have been having coaching sessions with people and having social meet-ups using zoom. So although, it isn’t as busy out and about, I still am going to be able to make use of this spread. I have seen others reduce their calendars to one page, or not include them at all which is also a great option if that’s what suits you.

Do you feel like you are seeing double? Another calendar spread? You are quite right! It is another calendar spread. This one is from my raindrops set, and I have decorated it using the greys only. Maybe you can zoom in, if so, you will see the title: Meals & Habit. This calendar is going to be my new habit tracker and meal planner, all in one. My plan is to only work on one habit at a time, but really work on it! I have a goal to get to 60. If I do the habit for the day, I go up a number. If I don’t do my habit for the day, then I go back 2 numbers and I don’t get my reward the next day. I realise that I need to hold myself accountable, otherwise I just let things go. So here goes on my new habit tracking. Also, I feel like having a meal planner in my bullet journal will be helpful and rather than creating a new spread, I thought…well, the calendar will work great. I did drop my marker on the page though…how sad!


My next spread is my word of the month page…this month is ‘LOVE”. So each day I will write an experience or quote/verse or some truth that I have learned about love. It was fun to do last month, it led me to find joy in some pretty difficult days that I had, so I decided, this is something really good for me, I want to keep it up. It is a great option for this time, because it isn’t a productivity spread, it’s a personal one, so whether we are isolating at home or not, we can try this kind of spread for our own well being. I should mention this is using one of the blank pages for the monthly set.

Next up is my old faithful…word of the day. I still love this spread every month and other than the calendar, has probably been the most consistent of my filled in spreads. I have to admit that while being at home, it is becoming necessary to get more creative at coming up with words, this month has included words like…relax, sorting, lol. So, although each day seems to be a repeat of the last, I am coming up with little things that make that day unique.

I have left this picture quite big, there is a lot in this spread. This is my monthly task planner page. On the left are my regular tasks that I do every month. On the right are extra tasks that I have included based on my yearly goals and specific events. I also have at the top of the right page…my time goals for the month. I might do a post at some future time specifically dealing with planning techniques that I use, but based on this picture, if you have any questions, please let me know.

Finally, I have a reflections page as the last of the monthly spreads. As you can imagine, I won’t be filling this in until the end of the month. As this is a new spread for me, I am not 100% sure what I plan to reflect on for the month. If you have any suggestions for me, please, let me know.

I am throwing this picture in here, just to show you a close up of the drops. I coloured them with a metallic marker that I have and they have a real sparkle to them on the paper, it’s hard to catch it on photos.

There we go, another month ready to go. I’m very excited to fill in these spreads, and see how I like the new additions. If you want to keep following with the month ..get all the latest photos on Instagram: If you are interested in purchasing these printable spreads, you can find them in my shop:

I am hoping for you all, that in this next month you are able to find inspiration and joy, and can see the opportunities in whatever circumstances you find yourself. As always, until next time, happy planning!