We have seen lots of time management articles haven’t we. Now lets try ‘a day in the life of’ a time management pro and see if you are maybe a little bit surprised.

A day in the life of who?


To start with the time management pro is ME. But I should give you a little bit of a disclaimer.

I have a certificate in professional life coaching and in being an organization expert, but I don’t have qualifications specific to time management.

But I consider myself a pro because of these reasons:

  • I have always had a strength in this niche, inherited from my dad
  • A lot of the principles of organization follow across to time management too
  • I have oodles of experience, working with different people with different time management issues

So, are you interested in what a day in my life looks like?

I will give you a typical Tuesday in my life. Not every Tuesday is the same, but this is a typical Tuesday.

Why Tuesday?

Because Tuesday is a full day for me, and probably the most consistent day of the week for me. Also I write blog posts on Tuesdays and so it seemed to fit.

So lets get started..


My alarm goes off at 7:00 every day. So all – ‘a day in the life of’ – articles about me would start with this.

Usually my routine at this time is:

Play with, then feed my cat Lughan | Make a coffee, do some bible reading and plan my day | Empty the dishwasher and tidy around the kitchen | Have some breakfast.

Since each of those things takes about 15 minutes that is the first hour gone in the day.


Usually on Tuesdays this hour is taken up with going for a walk.

Picture of the Liffey in dublin with a beautiful sun rise. Part of an article about a day in the life of a time management pro

This is usually where we walk to. Isn’t is beautiful [even though this is my own photo].

This is the river Liffey in Dublin, Ireland. We usually reach this point then head home again. Not all mornings look like this but I always enjoy my walk with Matt my hubby.


As a time management pro, I tend to work in time blocks, but I’m not rigid, I do allow for flexibility. But this is what I consider my morning time block.

On Tuesdays I spend this time doing some volunteer work.


This is what I consider my lunch time.

My husband has his lunch from 13:00-14:00. I like to stagger them because we have a very small kitchen, and I’m usually hungry by this time anyway.

Many time management articles would have me fitting lots of things into my lunch break, but guess what…I just have lunch.

I do also play with and feed my cat again and I then just play some games on my phone, and do my DuoLingo Italian lesson.


This is my afternoon block.

On Tuesdays that means writing my blog post. It is currently 14:45 on a Tuesday afternoon as I am writing this.

Writing a blog post consists of doing some research on keywords that google will like. Then creating 3 or 4 images for the blog post itself.

Then doing the writing and publishing the article. Finally I will create more images to be used to post on Pinterest and other Social Media platforms.

It usually fills my Tuesday afternoon. I may have some time spare at the end depending on the article so I will use this for admin. Answering emails and other things like that.

If you work from home you might like this article : Tips For A ‘Work From Home’ Work Routine.


This is time for other stuff. That is very vague, I know.

I want to keep Tuesdays as a self-care day, so I will do some things related to that. This could be:

Reading, doing brain puzzles, grooming [boring things like trimming my fringe, plucking my eyebrows and cutting my nails], or maybe journaling. I’ll also put away laundry that is dry.

Then at around 18:00 I will set on making dinner for me and my husband. Sometimes he is the cook, so then I have more time for self-care. But if not I will happily make us up a vegan delight. I do recommend this recipe.

Picture of someone chopping a green chilli. There is also some avocado, lime and celery in the area. Part of an article about a day in the life of a time management pro.

Then the rest of the time is eating the dinner. That’s the best part.

But also in this time is playing with and feeding the cat again. He is young so he gets 3 feeds a day.


We are getting to the end of the day now for this ‘a day in the life of’ article.

After eating, we don’t clean up straight away. I know!!! Shock horror!!

On Tuesdays we usually do a little bit of research together, I think tonight we will be watching an education video.

Then we will be just chilling. Matt likes to play on the piano. I might do extra research, or take out some knitting.

At 21:30 I go for my shower. Again, this is not set in stone, just around this time I’ll go for my shower.

Then last bits at 22:00 are that Matt will fill the dishwasher and we will finish tidying around before going to bed.

That’s IT!

Are You Surprised?

Does is surprise you to see what a day in the life of a time management pro looks like?

Is it more rigid, or more relaxed than you expected?

I would love to hear your feedback. Let me know in the comments.