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Welcome to Bujoplanner.Kim. I believe everyone can be organized! It’s a matter of knowing what YOUR way of being organized is! When buying planners, quite often you have to fit the planner, as a result, people stop using them. I flip that on its head and say…Let’s make a planner that fits YOU.


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You are welcome to Bujoplanner.kim…PLANNER PERSONALITIES. Waste no more money on buying planners that you are not inspired to open everyday. Rather, find out what your planner personality is…you might actually want to plan.

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Thanks for dropping by. When you visit this site, it means you have spent time and energy here with me on Bujoplanner.kim. I do not take it for granted, because I recognise the value of that. I hope that being here helps you to build a more organized, intentional life. Have a wonderful day 👋