I am setting myself a challenge here! Can I come up with 30 ideas of things to track in our bullet journals? I believe in myself. Let’s try 6 at a time….

  • Sleep
  • Water intake
  • Fruit and veg portions
  • Exercise
  • Steps
  • Skincare routine

There we go! The first 6 are down. Could you notice a pattern in these options? That’s right, they are all connected to our physical health. So, if you are interested in looking after yourself, taking good care of your body, then these might be 5 tracker ideas that you might be interested in. Depending on your situation there are other options..I have seen some track pain levels or energy levels….they’re some freebie ideas for you, if you are interested. Ok, next 6…

  • Language learning
  • Puzzle
  • Reading
  • No predictive text
  • Writing
  • Non-dominant hand activity

Can you tell what category I’ve moved into now? It’s our brain!! It’s so important to look after our mental health. I feel like a lot of people use the term ‘mental health’, to talk about emotional things. But, in this context I’m separating the brain and emotions. Honestly, giving our brain a good old workout is great for us. We use google so much now, we don’t want to forget the power of our mental capabilities. What we think and how we think, can have a big impact in our lives. Next 6…

  • Colouring
  • Breathing
  • Creating
  • Positive quotes
  • Journaling
  • Moods

You can see, we have moved into emotions here. I think one of the most popular trackers that there is is moods. Yet, I still feel that of all the categories, we are most unwell emotionally as a species. I think our emotions could do with a bit more support. I personally feel like I couldn’t pinpoint a mood for a day, I think I experience so many emotions in a day. But there are still things I do…every few days, I sit down and give space to allow whatever emotion wants to surface, then journal about it. It’s simple things like this that can really be a support for our emotional health and wellbeing. Next…

  • Nature time
  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Spiritual reading
  • Research
  • Perspective practice

Here we are looking at what we can do to support our spiritual health. Across the world, we are very divided on this topic. I tried to put something for everyone, if that makes sense. Ultimately, I believe we need to be connected to a force higher than ourself, that is what I refer to as perspective practice. If we are connected to what is bigger than us, then we can feel more at peace with our troubles and pressures. This is my personal view. I realise you may have a very different idea of what spirituality is, so maybe you can come up with some completely different tracker ideas. Lastly..

  • Phone detox
  • Kind deed
  • Connect to family
  • Respond to messages
  • Offer help
  • Alone time

Lastly, we are looking at our social health. Sometimes that might mean switching off, and having alone time. Sometimes, if might be reaching out, doing things for others, connecting with people. It’s important to check-in and make sure we are looking after our social needs. ‘No man is an island’ quote comes to mind. As people we need other people. Some people might want to track if they are getting enough hugs. Whatever floats your boat!

Yay!! I did it…30 tracker ideas. The interesting point to this challenge was: are we tracking our self-care? All 30 ideas were around self-care. I am and always will try to advocate for self-care, I believe it to be hugely neglected. Of course there are loads of other ideas of things to track….weather, coronavirus, cleaning, gardening etc….

But, I wanted to see if I could spread the word that tracking self-care related things can give us the support we need for health on so many different levels. Hope you found some new ideas…as always…happy planning!