This is cutting it right to the wire, but it is here! My full list of prompts for goal setting for 2021. Stay tuned to the end as there will be a free goody. Let me walk you through each question..

1- What were the 3 most significant things that happened for you in 2020, and how did they impact you? [It has been an unprecedented year, so for sure I think you will have had some impact from something.]

2- What positive things did you learn about yourself in 2020? [There really was so much opportunity to learn about ourself in 2020, let’s think of the positives.]

3- Without being judgemental, what take aways did you get from the disappointments and fails? [This is just to learn, not to beat ourself up.]

4- What 3 words would you use to describe you during 2020? [It wouldn’t be surprising if one of those words was ‘stressed’.]

5- On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you with how 2020 was for the different areas of your life? [Think about work, home, relationships, personal, or any other.]

6- Are you proud of how you handled things within your control during 2020? Why or why not? [There was a lot that was out of our control, but what about what was, did we handle it well?]

7- What is your mindset going into 2021? [Are we feeling positive, or hopeless? Write it all down.]

8- What 3 words would you like to describe you in 2021? [Pick some lovely positive words like authentic, peaceful, powerful. Whatever matches your values.]

9- Broadly speaking, what would an ideal year look like for you? [This is not to be super detailed, but just a note about what you would want to see happen in a year, something like ‘I would complete all the goals I set and feel proud’.]

10- By the end of 2021, what would you be proud to have accomplished? [Think about the result, what do you hope will be completed and finished by the end of 2021.]

11- What things are working well for you that you want to continue and bring into 2021? [If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. I believe that’s the famous saying. So what do you want to stay exactly as is?]

12- What things are working relatively well but you want to tweak a little bit for next year? [Sometimes we think something isn’t working and we want to scrap it, but could it be that something just needs tweaking?]

13- What completely new things do you want to start in 2021? [New ventures? New plans? This is the time to write those things.]

14- What routines or habits do you want to change in 2021? [It might be tempting to go crazy here, but remember we are only discussing one year. Some might need to be shelved.]

15- Taking all the things you have written for the last few answers, what are your priorities to implement? [A big list can be overwhelming, put some order to the changes by stating which are the most important.]

16- What is your reason for implementing these changes? What impact will it have on your year? [One way to build motivation is to state your reason why. If you have a big enough reason to do something it’s more likely to happen.]

17- Of all the things you want to change in 2021, which one will be the hardest and why? [Is there a bad habit that just is a constant struggle? Let’s state here and now – why is it so hard?]

18- What target will you set for yourself for your priorities by the end of the year? Are they realistic? [It’s important to be reasonable and respect the length of the journey. I can’t get from Dublin to Sydney is 1 hour. It won’t happen!]

19- What will you do to keep your motivation for these changes? [Especially that hard change, it might take daily affirmations, or lot’s of rewards. What motivation will you need?]

20- For things you want to eliminate, or do less of, how will you satisfy the craving in a healthy way? [For example, do you crave sugar? Maybe you are looking for pleasure, excitement or reassurance? Knowing the reward we get from our craving will help us recreate that reward in a healthy way]

21- When you feel like giving up with the changes, what will be your action plan? [That point when we want to quit, it comes to many of us. What will be our action plan for that point of our journey?]

22- How much space will you need in your time for the new changes you will make? [Many people do give up because they haven’t given enough ‘space’ to the change they are making. For example, if something is going to take 5 minutes daily motivation, then just for that alone, we are looking at nearly 31 hours for the year. Changes take more space than people realise]

23- How will you track your progress for your changes? [You could make it into a game, create different levels, etc. You could create charts, or whatever floats your boat.]

24- How often throughout the year will you check in and review if you are happy with how the year is going? [We need regular check-ins. It’s like consulting with the map to see if we are still going in the right direction.]

25- Who or what support will you get when you need help? [There is more chance of success if we rope someone else in as a support. Who will that person be? What will you ask them to do?]

26- What rewards will you give yourself when things have gone well? [The reward should be something that motivates us to further our journey, not set us back. So if you are trying to cut down social media time, a new book, or board game, might be an appropriate reward, not a new phone.]

27- What special reward will you give yourself for doing the hardest thing? [At the end of the year, if you do accomplish that really hard thing, be super generous to yourself. All your hard work and effort really should be appreciated and rewarded.]

28- At the end of each and every day in 2021, how would you like to feel? [This is so important. How you want to feel is important. State it and strive for that feeling.]

29- You are absolutely worthy of the feeling you wrote in the last question, how are you going to show up and prove it to yourself? [Time to dig deep, see that feeling good is something worthy of time and effort. You are worth the time and effort!!!]

30- What is your fun and whacky bucket list for 2021? [Every year should include fun and whacky!]

That’s it.

Now I mentioned at the beginning that if you stayed until the end there would be a free goody. Well here it is..

I have created a template with the app ‘Notion’, and I am giving it here free for you to duplicate for yourself – Free Template

Have fun planning for 2021. I really do hope you have an intentional year that feel very proud of. Happy planning Bujoplanner friends!