Welcome back bujoplanner friends!! It’s time to get the brain juices flowing again. Today we are going to look at 30 bullet journal theme ideas…that’s nearly 3 years worth…you are welcome!

Maybe, like me, you have sometimes thought…am I going to run out of ideas? What happens when I feel like I have done every theme that I wanted to do? So, this post is to get us thinking a little bit more out of the box, we really have endless possibilities, as we will soon see. I’ll do 5 at a time…

  • 1) Old keys
  • 2) Vaporwave
  • 3) Snowflakes
  • 4) Cakes
  • 5) Music

What did you think of those first 5 possibilities? A little random, aren’t they! I have so far done a few of these themes myself and am hoping to get to do some of the other ones in the future. I am currently doing a vaporwave theme for December, as my son loves that aesthetic, so I’m doing it for him. It is ridiculously colourful, so if you are into that..go for it! Ready for the next 5..

  • 6) Coffee
  • 7) Steampunk
  • 8) Roses
  • 9) Paris
  • 10) Emojis

These 5 are interesting ones. One of my favourite themes ever is in this list. I did a Paris theme a while ago, when I was visiting Paris and it turned out so beautifully, there were so many options and I loved how the spreads turned out. I actually can’t believe I’ve never done a coffee theme, because I love coffee, but there you go…maybe soon! Next 5 – here we go..

  • 11) Jigsaw puzzles
  • 12) Cats
  • 13) Portuguese tiles
  • 14) Ferns
  • 15) The 70’s

I did a theme on the 70’s a while back, it was so fun. I did doodles of a hippie camper van, and a lot of flower power doodles too. This is one idea, I guess really you could do a theme based on any decade, pick your favourite…I bet a 20’s theme would look very elegant too. Here’s another 5…

  • 16) Fruit
  • 17) Hygge
  • 18) Books
  • 19) Buildings
  • 20) Hearts

I don’t know why I haven’t done a buildings theme yet..I do live in a city after all, lol. But, I have seen some wonderful Instagramers do some beautiful city scenes. They are very inspiring, so maybe, sometime in the near future, I will try out some buildings. I did make a stencil for my son of buildings though, he wanted to add some random vaporwave designs to his painted desk, I have to say, it turned out pretty good! Ready for 5….

  • 21) Space
  • 22) Chess
  • 23) Fish
  • 24) Evergreen trees
  • 25) Maps

The fish theme, of course, could be anything water related..sea, beach, whatever you like. One of my favourite cover pages that I have done was quite simple, it was just a big seahorse doodle. The colours and the look were really appealing, I think it was one of my most liked on Instagram too. Sometimes a simple doodle, done well, with nice colours, inspires a lot more than a busy page, but I guess, it depends on your personality. It’s the last 5…

  • 26) Sunflowers
  • 27) Jewelry
  • 28) Polka dot
  • 29) Sushi
  • 30) Dublin

I just had to get it in there…I am from Dublin. I have never done a Dublin theme, but maybe, I should. There are plenty of doodle ideas with a Dublin theme…harps, bridges, Guinness. I also mentioned polka dot, because, I want to make a point that a theme can be a very simple idea. Dots are a perfectly good idea for your bullet journal theme if that’s what you would like. Don’t make things complicated if you would prefer something simple.

So, what did you think?

Did you get any new ideas? We have a whole new year coming up so… get your ideas into plan mode, and start thinking creatively about your themes. I can’t wait to see them. Hope you got inspired, thanks for reading!