This is my full yearly bullet journal setup for 2020.

It has been such a crazy time for me over the last month. If it has been for you too, great, you can relate to this post. I was expecting this post to be available around mid-December, but here we are mid-January. But what is good to know is that – it’s ok. Being a month behind schedule and not getting content out as I wanted does not mean I have to give up, and it does not mean my life is falling apart. So, for any of you that did not start January off as planned, please, keep going, you are still doing great!

With that little point made…let’s get into showing my setup for 2020! I absolutely love my yearly spreads and remember they are available to buy in my shop.

This is my cover page, it’s simple but eye catching. I have a dark coppery green brush pen that you can see in the picture, and this is the pen I used to add details to the printables. So for the cover, I just added some vertical lines and a little ‘HI’ beside the 2020 that you can hardly see.

The next spread I used was the overview page and quote page from my printables. I don’t have pictures for these, but what I have here is the next spread – the famous future log. I could live without these pages. The only detail I added was the brush pen line along the inside edges, but otherwise it is exactly as I printed it. I am always surprised by how quickly these pages get filled up. It is so helpful to be able to look ahead and write down events.

Here I used one of the blank page printables and wrote ‘reflections’…it’s a little hard to read but it works. Then you see my bucket list page, which you can see filled in in the top picture. I used the reflections page to just write all my thoughts about 2019 – what went well, what didn’t go so well, and some main takeaways from what I learned. It was all about looking back and learning, which I think is an important step before looking to the future. Then on my bucket list I included some little fun ideas of things I wanted to do this year. This is different to progress goals. These are just things like ‘host a Chinese banquet’, things that add flavour to our life.

My goals page is a double spread! It is divided into 4 – I chose 4 areas of my life to focus on. Then each section is divided into 3. For each area of my life I wanted to choose 3 goals, so I have a total of 12 goals that I am working towards this year. For each goal I wrote: 1) the goal 2) the reason 3) the action steps. Let me tell you one example… 1)Re-do kitchen 2)for better function and use of the space 3)*plan layout, *set budget, *buy what’s needed, *get rid of what is not needed *re-organize *evaluate, *make any tweaks needed, *maintain tidyness.

This is a tracker for my regular monthly tasks. I have one side just for all the monthly jobs needing to be done in the home. The right hand side is for other regular monthly tasks. They are mostly self-care tasks, like nature walk, and giving our cat her worm and flea treatment. So I can just tick them off each month as I get to do them. It’s an easy to use monthly tracker.

I also have a period tracker and social media growth tracker, but again….I didn’t get good photos. So skipping on, this is my last spread. It’s for my favourite memory of each month. It sometimes is hard to choose, but it’s nice to look back on and see what fantastic memories I have over the year. It’s a reminder that sometimes Life is Good!!!

So, there we go! Thanks so much if you have supported me in anyway over the last year. I am so appreciative of this community and the wonderful people I have come across. I hope 2020 is a fantastic year for you, I hope you had fun planning your yearly spreads and I look forward to continually getting to see your creations. Happy planning!