October is flying by now and we are seeing a beautiful array of themes for this month. As always, I try to bring to my bujoplanner friends as much bujo inspiration as I possibly can, so I am going to share with you my favourite bujo themes for October and why I love them so much! [They are in no particular order] Thanks to all the artists for giving me permission to share their wonderful work! For many, October is about a change of vibes. September often sees people still trying to hold onto the summer but October…yeah, summer is definitely gone. Then, there are the parts of the world where summer is starting!! Seasons are a funny thing…


I love Emily’s version of Autumn in this theme. The colours are absolutely perfect and I think the overall look just nails that falling leaves vibe. I really like the styling of the leaves, it’s not trying to be realistic, it’s a specific look and she has executed it just perfectly. The font too is worth a mention…beautiful!!


How amazing is this!! There is so much detail in this cover page, I am truly blown away by the talent. I love the white on black for starters; it’s really creative. I love that moon! I have no idea how it was done, but it is crazy beautiful. The misty white/grey just seems to capture what we see in the sky beautifully. Pairing that with flowers is really clever too; truly creative and inspirational!


Staying in the sky we have another beautiful cover page. This theme is right up my street, I love it!! Silje has given us a minimal, floaty vibe. I like that the paper planes are different sizes and going in different directions. The clouds are simple and yet they give us a great perspective of depth. Then we have a cute sticky note for a visual overview of the month. This font is gorgeous!! How I wish I could master calligraphy like this.


Leopard print bujo theme…WHAT?!? Fabulous. This theme is so creative, I love it! I love the border, it seems to match the style so well. I am not sure how it was done, but that leopard print is so realistic! I personally love patterns. Sometimes, we focus so much on drawing a thing..like a leopard. But why not do the pattern! Super striking!


You really can’t get much more of an Autumn feel than this!! There is everything here..cozy clothes, hearty food, rakes and leaves and of course a book or two. It gives me feels!! I especially want to mention from this theme..the wispy wind drawings, so clever. It really adds to the theme. I get the feeling that leaves are blowing around me, I might need to put up that umbrella soon. Wonderful!


Kimi has an amazing creativity and it shows in this theme. There is a beautiful marble like look to that grey/white background. The circles are different which gives us some variety, some are solid lines, some are not. This theme has simple elements but put together it looks visually stunning. Abstract art is something I am now inspired to try in a future theme. Beautiful!


I absolutely love the colours in this theme..can you get more Autumn? I like the shape that the trees form and how overall it looks simple. Yet, looking more closely you can see that a lot of work has gone into this look. I love the picture on the phone as well, inspiration can be truly found anywhere. Fantastic job!


This is a truly clever design! Only the clear balloons have an outline, the rest of the balloons have just used the colour for their shape. I really like the choice of colours and the different patterns on the balloons..so nice to add that variety. But at the same time, it isn’t overboard, some balloons are plain. I really think the balance is nailed, and the overall look is so pretty! Very clever like I said!


Tracy has so much talent, it is truly inspiring! This cover page is beautiful, but I will say, go and check out her other pages for this theme too. They are all so realistic, it’s mind blowing. I absolutely love the detail in the branches. I also think the calligraphy also deserves a big mention here. That ‘October’ is beautiful to look at, those thin strokes are so thin! Very impressive!


I really loved the apple theme that Anne created here. I love that the colour is only on the apples and slightly on some petals, so the theme has ended up looking really stylish. I think the leaves having being shaded as they have, gives some depth to the picture. I think it’s a really stunning cover page!


Finally we have to finish with this adorable fox. I absolutely love it..so cute. The circle of leaves gives us a wonderful Autumn feel and the the chilled little fox just hanging out, gives us wonderful relaxed vibes. I love the little hair details on the fox, it really has been drawn and coloured wonderfully. Fabulous!!

That’s it folks! Did you agree with my choices? I would love to hear what you think about the wonderful themes that have been posted this month. Do you have a favourite? As always, happy creating my lovely bujoplanner friends!